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How to Maximize Your Job Search: Quick Tips to Get You Seen by Hiring Managers

How to Maximize Your Job Search: Quick Tips to Get You Seen by Hiring Managers

In today’s market it essential to for candidate to make every attempt to standout.

Saavy job seekers ensure their toolbox is up-to-date with everything they need for career success.

We will identify 3-Key areas to maximize your job search. Networking, Resume Writing, and Interviewing are element that will help you skyrocket your search.

There’s both a visible and invisible job market. Most people are aware of online job boards, company websites and newspapers but most job seekers have better luck finding positions within the invisible job market. This may include internal opening only privy to the staff and management recommendations, also jobs added through expanded companies. Equally important, there are new positions created specifically created for you. It is truly important that networking is a primary tool in your toolbox.

One of the best ways today is through websites such as Linkedin, Facebook, and remember to keep your profiles professional due to more hiring using these tools to find the next candidate for their company. Furthermore, you can also network through professional associations and including the online blogs and forums. It is very important also to strike up conversation with casual acquaintances whenever the opportunity presents itself. You never know that could be your ticket for you next opportunity.


Now lets talk about another important tool in our job search — your resume. Your goal is to make an immediate and positive impression. It is known that recruiters will toss a resume within the first 15 seconds if a resume is not formatted properly . So remember to make your resume visually appealing while adhering to “at-a-glance” format. Very important, alot of resumes are first scanned by computer programs. Use keywords from the job description to help your resume rise to the top and do not forget to highlight where you have added value such as improving efficiency, reducing downtimes, or managing a key initiative. This will help hiring manager determine their return on investment in hiring YOU.


It is important to practice with a friend or in front of a mirror before getting in front of the hiring manager. Think and research some predictable interview question such as





It also important, to prepare someone asking “DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS?” You should always have questions prepared to ask. This allows you to steer the conversation to the hiring manager to  understand their company culture, what it takes to succeed, and their wants are if you are hired. Furthermore, this helps you expand on you top skills, qualifications, and attributes. By following these steps you should feel more comfortable in your job search. If you feel that your job search has stalled, do not give up what you should do is assess your strategy. Perhaps, reconsider the kind of jobs that you are seeking, A great way to keep in to job mix is to explore internships, voluntary work to use your marketable skills. In addition, you might try temporary work as well. It is also agreat way is to work with recruitment firms for short term assignments, allowig you to build additional skills, explore new fields and meet people that maybe able to help you in your job search. It is not uncommon for temporary work to turn in to a permanent role. Good luck and happy job hunting!



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Youtube’s Cool Features YOU might not have Known About

Youtube’s Cool Features YOU Might not have Known About!

1. Webcam capture
You can upload directly from your computer webcam! Great for Vlogs.. easy 1, 2, 3 and your live!

2. Photo Slideshow
Avoid using pricey slideshow programs heres your way to share your pictures to your hearts delights! Time to put your editors hat on a indulge.. Enjoy!

3. Google Hangout
Have you ever had dreams of being you own Hangcor!! Thats right your own anchor. Time to run your show and invite your influencers..Up to 10 people at once

4. Video Editor
Cut, Cut, Slice, Overlay!! Yes show your skills with this basic Video editor.. Time to jump in and cut up your projects and show them to your fans, friends, and family…

content courtesy of 6mic Films
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6 Ultimate Strategies to Engage Your Fans on Youtube

6 Ultimate Strategies to Engage Your Fans on Youtube

1. Consistency on Posting Your work Video
-Produce content of video on regular basis

2. Value – Produce something that helps

3.Remarkable – Be different. Make sure it entertaining, life changing, transformative

1. Ask for Subscribers – Call to Action
Tell them

What to do?
How to do it
And Why do it?

2. Annotations – Make sure you use this with a subscribe button and direct fans to subscribe to your channel

3. Blog – Video blogging on your site to drive more leads!

4. Featured Channels – put a link to other great channels – build relationships with the same on each other page. Link or badge. cross promote each other

5. Consistent Interaction – Keep interactive with updates and subscribe to others and interact with them. comment, like to other channels.

6. Create a Pay off for Subscribers.
Do a video or blog post, social media update. EXAMPLE: As soon as I get to 100 followers ill give away xyz…create a buzz!

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10 ways to grow your audience on Google +

10 ways to grow your audience on Google +

After an amazing conference and quality ideas! I wanted to share some personal insight of how to get your GOOGLE + account started for 2013.


Select a great profile photo this is the number one way people will engage with your content. In addition make sure to add photo to your scrapbook and complete the ABOUT section and add links to other destinations.


Decide on your content and tone and stay consistent with your message.


Use Circles to segment your visitors, customers, and even internal teams so you can share the right information with the right people.


Create a schedule and post at least once a day to make sure you are sharing new and interesting content that sparks genuine conversation.Best time to post are from 10am-1pm


Engage your audience by posting questions and asking for feedback. Make sure to respond actively to your followers.


Regularly host hangouts to use, multi-person video chat to have real face-to-face conversations with your customers from all over the world.


Spread the word about your Google+ page , with email contacts, and by posting a link to your page on relevant blogs, website and other social destinations


Include a badge on your site to allow people to +1 and add you to their circles directly from your website. This is helpful for both you website and blog to gain more attention


Create a campaign to get new followers. Include the Google + Icon in your offline media or create an AdWords campaign promoting your page. Use phrases like Circle, Follow, or Find us on Google Plus in you ad text.

Brought to you By

Voight Thornton

Huge Thank you for Kyle Soper for the great seminar and Jeffrey Thornton of and



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Explore Modeling – Be Seen, Book More Jobs Today!

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 6.54.22 AM
I ran across this site after watching a #creativelive seminar. This is an amazing creator and owner of the site very informative information a must see for sure!! Take your portfolio to the next level with Explore Modeling.

I really Enjoy the profile options! Very Easy To Use!

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The Official How to use Pinterest | FOLLOW us @itsVoight

11 Pinterest Tips for Your Business

August 14th, 2012 by Daniel P. Howley, LAPTOP Staff Writer  



Within the past year, Pinterest has seen its popularity skyrocket from relative obscurity to rival the likes of Facebook and Twitter, becoming one of the largest social media networks on the Web. As of April, the network was estimated to have approximately 8.3 million users. And with such a large number of users, businesses large and small are looking for ways to cash in on the craze in any way possible. But because Pinterest is so heavily reliant on visual elements, marketing on the site is quite different than Facebook or Twitter.

To help you get started, we dug into the service and spoke to social experts to compile a comprehensive list of best practices for establishing a business presence on the hottest social media network around.


1. Link your Twitter page

The first and most obvious step to getting on Pinterest is to make a dedicated brand page for your business. Before creating a page, though, you’ll have to create an account. You’ll be asked to authorize the setup using either your Facebook or Twitter account. Because Pinterest doesn’t currently support Facebook brand page linking, you’ll want to authenticate the account using your brand’s Twitter page.

2. Optimize Your Profile



Once you’ve created a Pinterest account, you’ll want to customize your page with branding specific to your business. For instance, under the Settings menu, you can add a brief description of your business, as well as its location and website. You should also upload an image to your page that’s relevant to your company. You may consider using the same profile image as the one you use on Facebook or Twitter to ensure continuity across the social networks.

Above all, we highly suggest turning off the “Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines” setting. This will help ensure that users can search for your Pinterest page using such search engines as Google and Bing.

3. Get to Know Your Audience

Building a strong following on Pinterest requires that you provide your audience with material they find interesting. Part of that process includes knowing exactly who your audience is so you can tailor shared material to their interests. Maggie Georgieva, inbound marketing manager at HubSpot, suggests getting to know your audience by visiting the Pinterest pages of some of your fans. The goal: to see what interests they may have in common so you can work boards and pins on similar topics into your page. But don’t start throwing random boards onto your page. The content still needs to be relevant to your brand.

4. Post Compelling Material, Including Video


If you hope to keep followers coming back to your page and re-pinning your posts, you have to pin material that holds their interest. If you run a small athletics retailer, for instance, you may want to create boards relating to various sports. You could then pin images of local sports teams under the appropriate board to draw in area residents and fans. You want to create boards and pins that will truly resonate with your audience. In addition to photos, we also suggest pinning interesting videos to your page. Unfortunately, Pinterest only supports embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo at this time, although the company says it’s working on increasing video sources.

5. Avoid Blatant Self-promotion

There is a wrong way to post material on Pinterest. The social network discourages its users, even marketers and businesses, from engaging in blatant self-promotion. So adding pins about your company alone won’t cut it. Georgieva, however, says businesses can use this restriction as an opportunity to get creative by pinning topics that showcase the lifestyle their brand represents. Try working pins about your business into these lifestyle boards as a reminder to followers that that board’s particular topic is exactly what your business is all about.

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