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How to Make Yogurt FREE download

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Create Your Own Destiny: C.Y.O.D. | Jeff Thornton

Create Your Own Destiny: C.Y.O.D. | Jeff Thornton 

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Published Author
Technical Entrepreneur
Community Servant

CYOD: Shot in San Francisco California

Create Your Own Destiny: C.Y.O.D. | Jeff Thornton

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Published Author
Technical Entrepreneur
Community Servant

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Google Think Publishing Conference 2013 – San Francisco

Google Think Publishing Conference 2013 – San Francisco

[New Mexico Entrepreneurs]

In for an exciting week with the business partner Kyle Soper CEO of and Jeff Thornton published author and  CEO of and We will keep you informed and updated on the latest events and updates for 2013. Keep tuend in for more and please do let us know if there is any questions you have for the panel during the Q&A session. We will happily address them for you and get back to you with a wrap up blog report.

All three members attending the conference are native of New Mexico and have attended New Mexico’s Universities. Kyle Soper, now a resident of Oklahoma City has built Rental Ads since 2001 and has been a market leader in his industry. Jeff Thornton, now a resident of Philadelphia Pennsylvania is a IT consultant, web and mobile programmer. Voight Thornton, from Albuquerque New Mexico is a published author, Director, Producer and main focus is working on branding of the Youtube sector. 

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San Francisco Meets Jeff Thornton

San Francisco Meets Jeff Thornton

I had a chance to chat with Jeffrey Thornton Technology Consultant at SAP and Tech Entrepreneur for 8T INC.

Jeff let us know that Microtek is an amazing Training Facility that is available for corporate training, and conferences for your business. He was very pleased with the professional approach of the staff and the facilities and highly recommends the company for skilled and budding companies.


Jeff also indulged in our Golden spoon report and gives a two thumbs up and NOM NOM to the restaurant Aurea. Aurea combines the hotel’s historic roots with modern touches that evoke the effervescent character of San Francisco — from avant-garde seating arrangements beneath an eye-catching, Tiffany-style dome to contemporary, playful sculptures and chandeliers. Nestled in the heart of Nob Hill San Francisico this is culinary classic you have to try!


Jeffrey Thornton
Technology Consultant at SAP
Greater Philadelphia Area Computer Software

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 11.46.46 PM

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GOOGLE: Meeting in Mountain View California with

It was a great time and amazing meeting at the GOOGLE HQ in Mountain View, California. My business partner Kyle Soper of was invited for an exclusive sit down with the research team. Make sure to check out the his site and follow our blog to FIND out more on travels.


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The Official How to use Pinterest | FOLLOW us @itsVoight

11 Pinterest Tips for Your Business

August 14th, 2012 by Daniel P. Howley, LAPTOP Staff Writer  



Within the past year, Pinterest has seen its popularity skyrocket from relative obscurity to rival the likes of Facebook and Twitter, becoming one of the largest social media networks on the Web. As of April, the network was estimated to have approximately 8.3 million users. And with such a large number of users, businesses large and small are looking for ways to cash in on the craze in any way possible. But because Pinterest is so heavily reliant on visual elements, marketing on the site is quite different than Facebook or Twitter.

To help you get started, we dug into the service and spoke to social experts to compile a comprehensive list of best practices for establishing a business presence on the hottest social media network around.


1. Link your Twitter page

The first and most obvious step to getting on Pinterest is to make a dedicated brand page for your business. Before creating a page, though, you’ll have to create an account. You’ll be asked to authorize the setup using either your Facebook or Twitter account. Because Pinterest doesn’t currently support Facebook brand page linking, you’ll want to authenticate the account using your brand’s Twitter page.

2. Optimize Your Profile



Once you’ve created a Pinterest account, you’ll want to customize your page with branding specific to your business. For instance, under the Settings menu, you can add a brief description of your business, as well as its location and website. You should also upload an image to your page that’s relevant to your company. You may consider using the same profile image as the one you use on Facebook or Twitter to ensure continuity across the social networks.

Above all, we highly suggest turning off the “Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines” setting. This will help ensure that users can search for your Pinterest page using such search engines as Google and Bing.

3. Get to Know Your Audience

Building a strong following on Pinterest requires that you provide your audience with material they find interesting. Part of that process includes knowing exactly who your audience is so you can tailor shared material to their interests. Maggie Georgieva, inbound marketing manager at HubSpot, suggests getting to know your audience by visiting the Pinterest pages of some of your fans. The goal: to see what interests they may have in common so you can work boards and pins on similar topics into your page. But don’t start throwing random boards onto your page. The content still needs to be relevant to your brand.

4. Post Compelling Material, Including Video


If you hope to keep followers coming back to your page and re-pinning your posts, you have to pin material that holds their interest. If you run a small athletics retailer, for instance, you may want to create boards relating to various sports. You could then pin images of local sports teams under the appropriate board to draw in area residents and fans. You want to create boards and pins that will truly resonate with your audience. In addition to photos, we also suggest pinning interesting videos to your page. Unfortunately, Pinterest only supports embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo at this time, although the company says it’s working on increasing video sources.

5. Avoid Blatant Self-promotion

There is a wrong way to post material on Pinterest. The social network discourages its users, even marketers and businesses, from engaging in blatant self-promotion. So adding pins about your company alone won’t cut it. Georgieva, however, says businesses can use this restriction as an opportunity to get creative by pinning topics that showcase the lifestyle their brand represents. Try working pins about your business into these lifestyle boards as a reminder to followers that that board’s particular topic is exactly what your business is all about.

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