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6 Ultimate Strategies to Engage Your Fans on Youtube

6 Ultimate Strategies to Engage Your Fans on Youtube

1. Consistency on Posting Your work Video
-Produce content of video on regular basis

2. Value – Produce something that helps

3.Remarkable – Be different. Make sure it entertaining, life changing, transformative

1. Ask for Subscribers – Call to Action
Tell them

What to do?
How to do it
And Why do it?

2. Annotations – Make sure you use this with a subscribe button and direct fans to subscribe to your channel

3. Blog – Video blogging on your site to drive more leads!

4. Featured Channels – put a link to other great channels – build relationships with the same on each other page. Link or badge. cross promote each other

5. Consistent Interaction – Keep interactive with updates and subscribe to others and interact with them. comment, like to other channels.

6. Create a Pay off for Subscribers.
Do a video or blog post, social media update. EXAMPLE: As soon as I get to 100 followers ill give away xyz…create a buzz!

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