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How to Maximize Your Job Search: Quick Tips to Get You Seen by Hiring Managers

How to Maximize Your Job Search: Quick Tips to Get You Seen by Hiring Managers

In today’s market it essential to for candidate to make every attempt to standout.

Saavy job seekers ensure their toolbox is up-to-date with everything they need for career success.

We will identify 3-Key areas to maximize your job search. Networking, Resume Writing, and Interviewing are element that will help you skyrocket your search.

There’s both a visible and invisible job market. Most people are aware of online job boards, company websites and newspapers but most job seekers have better luck finding positions within the invisible job market. This may include internal opening only privy to the staff and management recommendations, also jobs added through expanded companies. Equally important, there are new positions created specifically created for you. It is truly important that networking is a primary tool in your toolbox.

One of the best ways today is through websites such as Linkedin, Facebook, and remember to keep your profiles professional due to more hiring using these tools to find the next candidate for their company. Furthermore, you can also network through professional associations and including the online blogs and forums. It is very important also to strike up conversation with casual acquaintances whenever the opportunity presents itself. You never know that could be your ticket for you next opportunity.


Now lets talk about another important tool in our job search — your resume. Your goal is to make an immediate and positive impression. It is known that recruiters will toss a resume within the first 15 seconds if a resume is not formatted properly . So remember to make your resume visually appealing while adhering to “at-a-glance” format. Very important, alot of resumes are first scanned by computer programs. Use keywords from the job description to help your resume rise to the top and do not forget to highlight where you have added value such as improving efficiency, reducing downtimes, or managing a key initiative. This will help hiring manager determine their return on investment in hiring YOU.


It is important to practice with a friend or in front of a mirror before getting in front of the hiring manager. Think and research some predictable interview question such as





It also important, to prepare someone asking “DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS?” You should always have questions prepared to ask. This allows you to steer the conversation to the hiring manager to  understand their company culture, what it takes to succeed, and their wants are if you are hired. Furthermore, this helps you expand on you top skills, qualifications, and attributes. By following these steps you should feel more comfortable in your job search. If you feel that your job search has stalled, do not give up what you should do is assess your strategy. Perhaps, reconsider the kind of jobs that you are seeking, A great way to keep in to job mix is to explore internships, voluntary work to use your marketable skills. In addition, you might try temporary work as well. It is also agreat way is to work with recruitment firms for short term assignments, allowig you to build additional skills, explore new fields and meet people that maybe able to help you in your job search. It is not uncommon for temporary work to turn in to a permanent role. Good luck and happy job hunting!



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