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Youtube’s Cool Features YOU might not have Known About

Youtube’s Cool Features YOU Might not have Known About!

1. Webcam capture
You can upload directly from your computer webcam! Great for Vlogs.. easy 1, 2, 3 and your live!

2. Photo Slideshow
Avoid using pricey slideshow programs heres your way to share your pictures to your hearts delights! Time to put your editors hat on a indulge.. Enjoy!

3. Google Hangout
Have you ever had dreams of being you own Hangcor!! Thats right your own anchor. Time to run your show and invite your influencers..Up to 10 people at once

4. Video Editor
Cut, Cut, Slice, Overlay!! Yes show your skills with this basic Video editor.. Time to jump in and cut up your projects and show them to your fans, friends, and family…

content courtesy of 6mic Films
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How to Make Yogurt FREE download

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Explore Modeling – Be Seen, Book More Jobs Today!

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I ran across this site after watching a #creativelive seminar. This is an amazing creator and owner of the site very informative information a must see for sure!! Take your portfolio to the next level with Explore Modeling.

I really Enjoy the profile options! Very Easy To Use!

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